October 18, 2018

Philip H. Corboy Law Center | Loyola University | Chicago, IL

Improve, Inspire, Innovate

Taking a holistic view of the customer across physical and digital touch points, the CXTech Summit will challenge you to improve your customer experience by looking at your customer not as a one-time transaction, but rather as a continuous relationship, and by inspiring employees to drive those relationships. CXTech Summit will feature brand-led case study discussions, as well as live tech and innovation demonstrations that will immerse you in the driving forces and technologies behind the most memorable customer experiences for today’s time-strapped and on-the-go customer, while delving into omnichannel strategies you can implement to capture customers at every point in their journey.

360° View of the Customer

CX Tech Summit will provide you with a firsthand view of current technologies & CX approaches that are consistently delivering an efficient, meaningful and personalized experience across all channels.

5 Inspiring Keynote Speakers

Hear from some of today’s most compelling and sought-after CX innovators.

Unrivaled Networking

Connect with and learn about the latest trends and best practices from CX senior executives and fellow technology enthusiasts.


Comprised of a select group of senior-level executives representing diverse industries and functional areas including strategy, innovation, marketing, digital, customer experience and operations, the CX Tech Advisory Board provides strategic direction on the content and speakers supporting the CX Tech Summit.


CO-CHAIR: Diane M. Magers

Customer Experience Professionals Association



Richard Armour


Vice President, Omnichannel


Amine Ayad

Bed Bath & Beyond

Head of Workforce Management


Amit Bagga

Comcast Corporation

Chief Scientist and Head of Research & Development


Marcelo De Santis

Startup Mentor | 1871

Former CIO, Pirelli, Mondelez


Jesper Frederiksen

Banfield Pet Hospital

Chief Information Officer


Holly Hacker


Director, Brand and Customer Experience


Mike Hagen

Formerly of Coca-Cola

Group Director, Category Strategy & Innovation


Zack Hamilton

Aaron's, Inc.

Director, Customer-Centric Initiatives & Experience


Yogesh Khadilkar

Zurich North America

VP Customer Analytics & Innovation Strategy


Robert Krugman


Chief Digital Officer


Robert Moore


Vice President, Digital Experience


Gautam Puranik


Vice President, Marketing and Analysis


Ernan Roman

ERDM Corp.



Sapna Shah Parikh

Clarins Group

Executive Director of Digital and E-Commerce


Bonnie Sherman Weber

Six Flags

SVP, In-Park Services -- Culinary, Retail, Games, Attractions & Procurement


Rick Wion

The Kellogg Company

Senior Director of Consumer Engagement


Kenny Witt


Industry Director, Retail & QSR

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*Agenda is subject to change.

Registration & Breakfast

Chairs’ Welcome

  • Diane M. Magers, CEO, Customer Experience Professionals Association

Morning Keynote: Creating Meaningful Relationships with Customers by Converging People and Technology for a Phygital Customer Experience

While technology has been the catalyst for the customer experience revolution, customers are demanding more from the humans behind the machines. In order to maintain customer loyalty, brands need to foster the human to human relationships with customers. Join this session to hear how Broadridge has found that careful balance between human and machine interactions with customers and the tools used along the way.  

  • Robert Krugman, Chief Digital Officer | Broadridge

Use-Case Session: Delivering a Quality CX for the Time-Strapped, On-The-Go Customer

Today’s customer expects their experience to be efficient and exciting. How can we meet both expectations in a meaningful and memorable way? This session will feature a brand-led case study explaining the successful strategies and tools Aaron’s Inc. discovered to meeting this balancing act.

  • Zachary Hamilton, Director of Customer-Centric Initiatives & Experience, Aaron's Inc.

Case Study: How Heart and Soul Can Drive Sales

Customers are asking for more from brands, most importantly, transparency. Rick Wion from Kellogg will share three case studies showing how transparency and cause-related programs can drive top-line sales while building long-term consumer trust and loyalty.  

  • Rick Wion, Senior Director of Consumer Engagement | Kellogg Company

Networking Break & Birds-of-a-Feather Discussions

Use-Case Session: Data and Personalization Drive the Journey: How Carmax is Evolving to Connect with Customers on Their Terms

Even as the largest used car retailer in the U.S., CarMax is constantly striving to improve the customer experience. It’s no longer enough to be the best in your given vertical, since customers now compare brands across industries. This means that even a market leader must disrupt their thinking and employ cutting-edge technologies to meet evolving customer expectations and deliver an unparalleled experience. Join Gautam Puranik, to learn how CarMax is leveraging data and personalization to deliver a seamless experience and connect with customers on their terms.  

  • Gautam Puranik, Vice President - Marketing & Analysis | CarMax

Panel Discussion: Omni-channel & the Importance of a Balanced Online & Offline Marketing Strategy

Ecommerce has received a lot of attention over the years, but that is only half the story. Driving customers to engage both online and offline is important and at the center of that is Mobile. Discuss how mobile location helps bridge the online & offline divide and what marketing strategies and solutions should be used to have a healthy omni-channel strategy.  

  • Moderated by: Kenny Witt, Director of Retail, GroundTruth
  • Zachary Hamilton, Director of Customer-Centric Initiatives & Experience | Aaron’s Inc.
  • Gautam Puranik, VP Marketing & Analysis | CarMax
  • Rick Wion, Senior Director of Consumer Engagement | Kellogg Company

Networking Lunch – Featuring Topic Tables

Use-Case Session: How Comcast is Leveraging the Customer Voice to Exceed Expectations

To win the loyalty of the digitally-native customers, brands must go above and beyond offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Comcast did this with the creation of their voice-remote, and several years later they have used the interactions with their customers to next level with new capabilities optimized for a unique experience. In this session, learn how Comcast has continually delivered for their customers and the tools they leveraged to do so.

  • Amit Bagga, Chief Scientist & Head of R&D, Comcast

Panel Discussion: Mining VoC Across All Touchpoints to Drive Insights to Action

Customers are interacting with brands across different channels and offering feedback beyond what traditional surveys can capture. All of this data creates silos of information that has possibilities to drive competitive intelligence for businesses to act in the moment. Supplemented by real-life use-cases, participants will leave with new methods for delivering rapid adoption of insights to action.

  • Moderator: Diane Magers, CEO, CXPA
  • Holly Hacker, Director of Brand and Customer Experience, Vitamix
  • Rick Wion, Senior Director of Consumer Engagement, Kellogg Company


Networking Break

Closing Keynote: Building a Customer-Centric Organization

Customers need more out of their relationships with companies, products and employees; technology and data are at the heart of that transformation. In this session, learn how a successful brand redefined its organization, talent, technology and ways of working to enable a customer-centric culture, in addition to building digital products and consumer experiences to deliver benefits across the value chain. Understand key lessons learned that could be applied in any digital transformation.  

  • Marcelo De Santis, Startup Mentor, 1871 and former Chief Information Officer, Pirelli

Closing Comments

  • Diane M. Magers, CEO | Customer Experience Professionals Association

Candid Cocktails

Join this executive audience discussion over cocktails where participants will share their struggles and successes in creating a frictionless customer experience. Participants should leave with key ideas to bring back to their office.

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